Red Sea Rules

20 05 2013

“We always make a mistake when we acknowledge the Lord and keep our eyes on Satan. Far better to acknowledge the devil while keeping our eyes on Christ… When things are going badly, when you feel trapped between sword and sea, when you’re under assault, acknowledge the devil – but keep your eyes on Christ. He will see you through. He will make a way.” — Robert J. Morgan, The Red Sea Rules

Somehow I have become the Christian book and Bible dealer at our local church.  When someone needs a bible ordered or can’t find a particular book, they come to me and I get it done.  Okay, I cheat… I either go directly to Amazon, or I google it.  Recently a lovely lady came looking for a book entitled The Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan.  I ordered her two copies, as directed, and because it was inexpensive, I ordered myself one.  I am a book addict, so it was not difficult to justify my purchase.

I opened it this morning out of curiosity, expecting to start it and set it down quickly until I had a greater opportunity to read it; as it turned out, I finished the whole thing.  I find myself in a rather unsettling season of life, where chaos seems to be reigning supreme and I just never feel like I am getting ahead of the game.  This tiny book contained no new revelation, but it did contain a lot of really good principles of which I desperately needed the reminders!  How often in the midst of the battlefield, we warriors need a tangible liaison to the Commanding Officer.

I do so love the way my God and Savior infiltrates my life with His message of hope and grace.  And, how He does it in such delightful ways that He alone can be attributed with its provision.  Why do I worry again?  Silly me!

I highly recommend this little book.  And, even more, I highly recommend applying the principles in it.  If you are not between the Red Sea and an enemy bent for your destruction, you will be.  But, there is hope!

(Deuteronomy 31:8) “The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”